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I was all ways inspired by history movies so when grade 9 came, I was sure of what I was gonna do in grade 10. Well word had it going around that that’s for dumb people and well you won’t have a career. Fortunately I was one of those brilliant kids who was polite and very respectful. So that sort of gained me access  to teachers minds and when ever they was a career guidance expo some where I was there. My research lead me to a hell of careers out there for a just “general studies” student. I mean one can count, social work, media, politics, philosophy, sociology, etc.
Unfortunately through the mist of it all I was an orphan and had to take care of my cousin who was then in grade 6. Me being me, my dreams and possibilities all ways were facing me. Passing school was never an issue as I did just that in due time.


The realization of life came after high school. You won’t believe it because I faced homelessness and life couldn’t get worse. It was turned upsidedown and I lost my self. I lost my self to pitting my self, submitting my self to low starndars and forgetting what I really wanted and who I had created my self to be through the guidance of the OBE and FET education. While in that situation the library became my friend. Excaping the war of my stumach constantly reminding me that I am hungry. I would loose my self in dreams which in reality were fiction but in my reality truth. So the philosophy of the secret fed by Opra h was my living testimony and all I could do was send it to the world.  As I thought God  was bbecoming an in existance lie, He came as a women in a time where I thought all was lost and bleek.the next five years of my life became a vacation and I was lost in the freedom of being taken cared of. Life became a pay back for all the time I felt lonely and lost as a teen, praying asking God why didn’t he give mom a second chance.
I woke up and I was 24 years old, had no career, my soul yearning and screaming for more, life! Vintage cru reminded me of how I all ways aspired to be different and in just months they were performing for Somizi and in big stages. Social media became an escape world to a life (then again) of posibilities and now seeing young man doing it. Really doing it. This set the tone for my next chapter and some how Jo’burg was buzzing with young, gifted, black and motivated young people. I mad a decision and told my self that now its time to redirect my life and search for a new start. Starting with what skill I have and how I can improve. I set new goals and I planned what exactly I wanted and who I could contact. Then boom that same year I made my way to Durban and I never looked back.

So here I am in Pietermaritzburg, my lovely home town. I hoped from orpoturnity to orpotunity. I had one goal that I set and went for, but took a year for me to get it but it finally came. I was at my local radio station and I was there even when I was not needed. My passion for media grew even more.  I was a volunteer for all most six months and had started blogging and my life was changing every day. I tell you today that I am a proud receipian of a learnership in radio production, where I will be getting a level 5 certificate, which is 2 modules away to a diploma. The joy that came with this has been the same as the challenges I am facing though I must say my government is taking me t school, for free since first day of school 15 years ago. I am also co hosting the drive home show and running well to my believe the only visible blog in Pietermaritzburg. I think to my self if I had woken up at age 24 and told my self its never possible I would be dead by now. Now here is my thought, seen as its June 16, I could have not had this opportunity if it wasn’t for the straggle of the black consciousness youth of 1976. Not only I, but many who are in universities, collages and still in school. One should really take this day and ask them selves is my life a dream?
With this I thank you for reading to the end and I hope you share it with your friends, family and with a strangers even. I hope by me sharing my story this June 16, will remind you that any thing is possible and we are really a free generation. Are we lost? Dam no! We have a vision of the globe. It has even grown in us that we can conquer the world! So here is to running with diplomas, degrees and certificates.



After attending the Grand launch of the Hologo Production recording in the last weeks. I was left proud to be a residency of Pietermaritzburg. The resilience That Dr Themba Njilo has in making sure that this town is developed not only in business but also in its Artistry. The passion he has for music and raw talent was shown through out the event.

the reception of the event was amazing. This event even brought different sectors like businesses and government offices. Not only that the over whelming of people who attended was amazing. The call to different stake holders to continue supporting the youth and different initiative was kept through. Must say again it lives me blessed to be part of the Pietermaritzburg community.

In more exciting news again the Themba Njilo Foundation in association with Msunduzi municipality for cultural exchange program are holding auditions this coming Sunday. If you think you have what it takes and can sing and dance then this is your chance to be selected amongst 15 youngsters who are talented to travel to Italy.

For more information contact 074 467 1846/ 071 156 7427/082 954 9241. See you there guys.

bab thembanjilo


The Themba Njilo foundation who is a baby of Induduzo Funeral Home invites all woman who aspire or in business to be part of an eventful day, that will see emancipation and manumission of woman entrepreneurs in Pietermaritzburg.

This is an extension of what the Themba Njilo foundation has been doing in the last Six years. Aiming at looking into social ills of the community of Kwazulu-Natal. They have been working hard at emancipating marginalized women from the poor of the poorest communities, with out fail. Which during this time have celebrated woman in the month of August in stadiums, in the district of Msunduzi Municipality.


This will be a launch of a roll out program that the foundation will facilitate. Which will aid in bringing together women in different sectors such as private, public, political, business and the likes. During this dialogues burning issues around women liberation will be tackled, developing new strategies on economic and social freedom.

The event as mentioned above is open to all women who are entrepreneurs from all walks of life. They will be engaged and speakers will be addressing the barriers in business faced by women such as reason to start up, skills and experiences, education, entrepreneurial characteristics and so on.  I mostly excited to name the performers who will be providing entertainment. I mean Naima k, Lira, Hlengiwe Mhlaba, Thobekile, Heels over Heed ( all female jazz band), The lipsticks ( all female pop band) and many local female artist. They will all so be edutainment,  which will be a quiz and answers and lukey ladies will win different prizes.

After all the speeches and deliberations, they will be a partition encouraged between Nigerian government, South African government and the UN, on the emancipation of equality of man and woman. all this festivities will be Tomorrow at the city hall and will start at 9h00 in the morning of 14 March. This will be a continuation of celebrating International Women’s Day which was last week Sunday the 8th of March.

For more information you can contact Thula Mhlophe Number is 082 954 9241 or email

see you there lovely ladies!!!!!!



Here we go again. It has been a minute since I last did a post and I can only be grateful and pleased to do this post and introduce some thing fresh and breath taking. This event marks the beginning of a positive change for our community and a change that is brought by young talented and passionate youth.

hot toffee communications is a newly formed blacked-owned integrated marketing communications agency. They are inspired and driven by South African talent. They are young, funky, witty and playful with a mission to create, build and grow brands whilst showcasing outstanding, effective, creativity and strategic partnership. This partnerships are with other youthful, passionate, daring individuals and brands who have provoking thoughts and interconnected visions. This young talented people are passionate about life and all about innovation and exploring  fresh untouched paths.

                                                   HOT TOFFEE

hot toffee together with anatoli photography and Swaggnote present: Kwasuka sukela: PMB Got love. A love inspired tale with a central massage of spreading love in the capital city of Kwazulu Natal. This event has 4 fashion designers, 4 photographers, 4 poets, seven Djs, 4 dance groups 4 MCs, 2 hype man, one crafters community development projects and 8 musical acts.


This is to celebrate Pietermaritzburgs abundant talent, a family fun day that encourages the community to donate old toys, teddy bears, books  and clothing to enter. All in which is going to be distributed to Edendale Hospital. This event aims to sharing and interesting experiences, providing authentic cues in social environment. This universal stories are aiming at bridging cultural, linguistic and age divides. It will be stories which will allow a imagination of new possibilities, encouraging us to have respect for all life, values and working towards overcoming adversity. This is where a new story begins. Once upon a time PMB GOT LOVE


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Doodles: Follow the Path!


I never thought doodling can be such artistry. love love what i am seeing and the thought of channeling this….

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Hey guys!

This week I’ve been working hard on a peice for a group show coming up at Argyle Fine Art here in Halifax called Just My Type (opening Feb 14th go check it out!). The theme for the show is typography, which ties in with a lot of work I do in the studio as well as for Double Dare!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI’ve been fixated on circles lately. I read somewhere about circles being everything. Circles are life, cycles, planets, suns, death, birth, rebirth etc. etc. So I can’t stop thinking about circles, hence all of the circles you are about to see.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetFor this show, I played around with ALOT of ideas. I went in many different directions, the only thing that stayed throughout the sketching process are the circles.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetIt was interesting following a trail of ideas. I had a few frustrating studio sessions in which I completely…

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made since 2005


A good year to you my maritzburgers and fellow readers. The Mzansi Arts Development Ensemble (MADE) wants you to be part of its Mashu The Musical cast. As they call for auditions this coming week Friday. bellow they is just a brief discription of who they are and what they want to achieve. If you think you have what it takes, this can be your biggest brake as an artist.

                                                                 mashu the musical

They is an exciting revelation of the arts happening in KwaZulu Natal and thank God i caught on it in time. Mzansi Arts Development Ensemble (MADE) is a non profit organization based in Durban. It is making sure that dance, music, arts and craft, theatre and drama is capt alive through its different initiatives and capacity building. Its main purpose is to prepare an artist strong personal interest in the arts to successfully pursue entry into institution of higher learning and or a career in the performing and fine arts. they aim to promote the essence and importance of the arts and culture in the targeted communities.

made image3                        made image2

Mashu, the musical tells the moving yet harrowing tale of the trials and tribulations of these two brothers who are caught up in the madness that shattered the lives of the people of KwaMashu. As the story unfolds we get affectionate insight into the wonderful people that made up the community. We enjoy their resilience and humour as they cope with life in their troubled district. Whilst this story is recognizably set in KwaMashu, KwaZulu-Natal, the story resonates with all the troubled townships in South Africa. The story of these brothers could have happened anywhere in the world where this kind of faction and gang fighting continues to exist.

Written by Lucky Cele, himself a resident of KwaMashu, the new musical is a combination of a moving story filled with hope for the future, great South African music and spectacular dance routines. The production is co-directed by Themi Venturas and Lucky Cele and takes place at the Opera of the Playhouse Theatre from the 18th – 21st March. The production marks the debut of Mzansi Arts Development Ensemble under the guidance and leadership of Lerato Molemong, who returns to KZN after many years of producing and management in Gauteng.

If you wish to contact them you can check there website or give them a call on +27 31 267 2863/4.

bulelani iziqhaza


It was so nerve wrecking seating and actually looking and hearing them sing in front of my eyes since I have been well one of there groupies. Umgungundlovu Fm hosted this young dynamic duet who have been entertaining us on the X_Factor South Africa for the past 2 months, because I am an opportunistic young naive man I high jacked them after they have given an amazing performance live on air where I saw ma Busi Mhlongo flying around Khanyisa Mbuthu and Mbongeni Mavuso who make up the fashionable, different, proud to be Zulu, IziQhaza.

I got to be in there presence and ask them a few questions and they were humble enough to accept my request. While I was with them they never were proud or boastful about being number 3 on the X Factor. They looked more like they were hungry for  more because what they have worked  hard for since they met in 2008 and only started singing together in 2010 is a dream they can live.

The duet is made of 2 proud nurses Khanyisa Mbuthu who is a proud mom of a 7 year old son who says is an afrocentric woman who is connected with her Zulu African roots and Mbongeni Mavusi who is a 26 years old  young man and says is a loving and fun person who also is very much connected to umvelinqangi (GOD) and loves making jocks and boy was I taken for a LOL joy ride.

NURSES WHO SING...                 IZIQHAZA

Q/A How would you sum up the X Factor  experience ?

Khanyi_ it was very stressful and we worked to meet up deadlines. I will all ways be grateful for the experience  and it             humbles me that South Africa Voted for us until the last show. Thank you Mzansi.

Mbonge_ it was work after work and a humbling experience. Some times felt liking giving up but the love of what we do and with Mzansi’s support, we kept giving our best week after week. Thank you to every one who voted for us.

Q/A What is it that you think carried  you this far to the competition?

Khanyi_ God and believing in our talent and obvious Oskido who believed in what we have got to offer Mzansi.

Mbonge_ God and the people of Mzansi for voting and believing in us. The twitter massages and on facebook  siyabonga ngempela

Q/A You have entered competitions before and have been separated, do you think you boost each other?

Mbonge_ Obvious other wise we wouldn’t be a duet.. lol we influence each other and being friends makes it even easier.

Khanyi_ We make each other and we compliment each other I do not think I will be good with out Mbongeni.

Q/A what does it mean to be top 3 on an internationally recognized show?

Khanyi_ exposure and it means our work is seen my millions and more opportunities.

Mbonge_ yes exposure and more pressure because we have shown what we can offer on not just an local scale but the worlds.

Q/A You are different, do you think being different plays a big role?

Khanyi_ Yes, even the way we dress, we are staying true to who we are and love color, African prints and building the IziQhaza brand where we say be isiqhaza that you are and love who you are.

Mbonge_ Yes we love Africa, our culture and want to say what was mistaken as lower, un-educated class. we giving it its true meaning where it was worn with pride and joy and separated the zulu clan from others.

Q/A If you guys were to meet Mandela what is the one thing that you would do or ask him?

Khanyi_ Sing for him, we wrote a song called eduze noMandela which we say we just want to be in his present and feel his aura.

Mbongeni_ yes, you know that place above clouds when you in a plane, that is above clouds, we would love to just be in his quiet state of mind.

Q/A what is it that has made you hold on and keep making the music you bless us with?

Mbongeni_ it is our dream we wish to perform for millions and  for our music  to be recognized internationally.

Khanyi_we are building a brand and we coming with a different style that is QAZIFIED!!! LOL!

Q/A In your community what is the one thing you would love to change?

Mbongeni_ its hard to get in the music industry and we would love to see more recognition for different art and not focus on just one stream of music..

Khanyi_ they should be a way to equally distribute local talent. More support is needed from the department of Arts To recognize different talents we have in our country.

If you wondering where to get there music you can go to ITunes and download or you can follow the on twitter @IziQhazamusic1.