Blissful life

Never I thought I would be this far. God has truly been handsome. It has brought me to place of humbleness that is filled with hope.

It is looking at life differently and gaining confidence in every accomplishment and giving value to what u don’t have. I have shadowed my life with anger that the most beautiful thing wear at seas and oblivious to normality. My abuse is seen in distance yet we forget how we victimize our selves every day.

It is learning to take care of your self while stabilizing your worth! Its crazy how you would chill in comfortable blank rooms afraid to color up it. Fine with doing what u know and doing like what others want. Neglecting your out most self.

Life become amazing when we count our blessings and treasure what’s tangible. Believing in your self and taking that challenge with submission to no fear. We chill and puff while folks twerking to copy right. Topping the charts and making $.

Its in all of us, we are given chances and this land at our advantage how we see it depends on our experiences and our individual reasoning. Life is bliss #instajoy

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