life is but a dream…

people who do get results and people who dream create possibility. hope enlightens you from fear and fear gives you courage. our obstacles are our teachers and our experiences are our testimonials.

at this day and age we all know that information is in the tip of our hands, you just need an email address and set up account then every thing flashes and beeps right there and then. my phone has then again decided to dump me and live me for repairs and I have been left heart broken but have learnt one or 2 things that I should have known “vintage” years ago. My phone has accumulated a lot of my time because I could easily shut my self from the world, play music loud as I can and just surf the net for pointless things. more and more people have learnt the art of controlling them selves not to be socially distant but remain socially excepted by fellow companions or friends. That has clearly not been my reality. see the thing is, no matter how hard I can run away from it, it will all ways follow me. Uniformality!

We have all ways been uniformed, told what to do and how to behave as a people. we come from backgrounds that have been stricken by the unfair laws of apartheid and brutal cruelty (wish it loved poker dots like Crueler). we as the youth that have been born under the umbrella of freedom have a totally different struggle, well one that Mr. Malema been PR’ing FOR, for so long, financial freedom. we have limited resources, ruled by drugs and have limited opportunity. it is a reality that out of all kids who start school 60% are kicked out of the schooling system and never finish school. this is coursed by different reasons.

Ok, back to the UNIFORM thing, I all ways believed I was different. chose to wear differently and chose to basically follow trends and express my self differently. it maybe have been powered more by the fact that I AM G..! we as a people have been taught to follow and we do not know how to lead, even ones own life. this is boiled by different reasons of thinking alike “because we all didn’t finish school” and “we know that people have there degrees but yet they not working” or “I have a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother, sister who drink there lives away” then that’s what you are. we define our selves according to where we are, who we see and never think of what we could be other then that. UNIFORMED!

I am that boy that has aimed his standards so high. that boy who chooses to be different, who chooses to see life differently who has higher powers to change his life. I dream. Dream big, even bigger when they say I am crazy. I love the poem by Marianne Williamson that says “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond our measure” she then goes on and say “its not just in some of us, but its in all of us” I choose to be the one who shines light as that light gives permission for others to do the same. do the same too.

we all have dreams or have dreamt before, find it in you to reignite it, put in that fuel and honey boo_boo live your life for it is your dream


2 thoughts on “life is but a dream…

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