For what is worth

Whether you wake up happy or unhappy. One should all ways consider the next person.

Crazy thing just happened now in the morning. If I was the old Bulelani I would be sucking my thumb like a kid lost in the wonders of confusion and hurt. Our realisations and truth are not the same so it is most important to know that you live in a world that is shared. We are different and have different believes.

What it is, is to accepting each other not in a way that will promote tolerance but in a way that will politely make the other person understand. You building your confidence by degrading some one with bitching and rejoicing in you being heard and stating your feeling. Never have I thought asking you to do some thing will lead to you languishing with anger and inflicting it to me. Well as I wrote, I am no longer that person that will languish in your words.

Having to woken up in a bad side, does not mean you should forget other peoples presents in your life not unless there the ones who made you feel like that. Nothing gives us the right to mandate our own fears and feelings of disappointments to others for other people have there own lives to live! Comments that make one to loose them selves while you vividly share your own.

For what is worth we should learn to live and let live. Share our selves in a way that gives life to the other. Never forget we all have the same father and he lives in each and every one of us. Let us be careful and be genuinely aware of how we channel our masages.

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