I can only be grateful.

I am in front of the computer asking my self what to post. a lot has happened in the past few weeks but i am still left with a feeling that I haven’t done much that i can do.

My thoughts are full of worry, worrying about not having enough time to do all the things I wish to do, yet again all the other things i have been going for some times don’t seem to come to pass. I am left some times with questioning if will i ever get where i hope or wish to be. My motivation is tasted over trials that seem like a hill i will never be able to climb.

My model of success is wondering off, in the streets of where I come from. this success is not what i have in mind. this success is beyond imaginable to be success in its true word of success. this success is lost in the streets of intoxication that carry us to a land of the forgotten. We believe in a life where we search for the quickest fix, whether it comes from braking some ones life, means nothing to the craving. I read some thing interesting during the week which intrigued me. It reminded me of how i lived my life when i was in high school. Yes i went to school hungry and had no lunch but did i for a minute think of dropping from school? I new what i wanted, i had dreams, big dreams and i never looked beyond or aside from the dreams. they was some thing inside of me that enabled me to know that i can. Even when i had every reason to give up. This is why when i posted the pic on face book i wrote *story of  every kasi boy*

Now because we are faced with difficulty. Do we choose to give up or do we choose to work hard at changing our situation. They are a lot of people out there that refuse to give up even when it seems impossible they keep doing. It is in us that we look for such people that we keep on holding on to our dreams even when no one believes in them. in the streets amakasi that we come from they are not so many and funny enough we the youth take that because we do not have job opportunity or we go to school hungry than we cant be any thing better. is our surroundings that make us make choices that hinder us to know that we can? Are we defined by what is around us or must it be us that reflect to what we are around to?

The story is simple even when they is no beam of light i will for ever hold that candle that is about to burn out. I can only be grateful. Grateful for the courage and the drive i have even when things are not going as i hope. I have seen that it is only I that can do it and by doing it i know that i can. with this i live you with that you can be an orphan or be jobless or be with out a home. If you believe, if you dream any thing is possible. ask me why?  i will tell you that i am the greatest example.


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