It is with pleasure to announce this event. Pietermaritzburg, as I wrote in the description of my blog, that it has jewels yet to be discovered, I meant it.

This city is historical, I mean before Mandela was arrested just outside Howick, he had gave a talk in Imbali which is why the Mandela marathon starts there. Need i say that we are capital city of KwaZulu Natal. we have a lot to show of to South Africa and to the world and one of the things we should be proud of is the artistry we have in Umgungundlovu.

Along with many historical events that happened in our country. We are so fortunate to see its fruets even during this day. The Tatham Art Gallery is rated at 4.5 museums in South Africa. It serves the Msunduzi region through visual arts dating back to 1903.

The gallery has its friends called  FOTAG, friend of tatham art gallery. They support the gallery through fund raising events for acquisitions to the permanent collections that resides in the gallery and can be enjoyed free of charge. It is situated opposite to the biggest red brick building in Africa City Hall.

The FOTAG proudly brings you the fabulous picture  show. This is an exhibition that saw artist make a difference by donating original artwork. Donating up to three A4 or A5 works of art to FOTAG. R40.000 alone last year was raised and they wish to see more money raised this to support the gallery as they have different educational programs. The exhibition opened on Sunday 16 November and will end with an auction which will take place from 18h00 21 November 2014.

fotag     Featured image

if you are a lover of art i am sure you gonna be amazed by one of the art i saw the. Particularly  controversial political party leader Mr Malema depicted in a bull brand container. I have grown to love art even more seeing other peoples work hang in there and i must say they were a few pictures which drew my attention. Be sure not to miss out on this event.



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