It was so nerve wrecking seating and actually looking and hearing them sing in front of my eyes since I have been well one of there groupies. Umgungundlovu Fm hosted this young dynamic duet who have been entertaining us on the X_Factor South Africa for the past 2 months, because I am an opportunistic young naive man I high jacked them after they have given an amazing performance live on air where I saw ma Busi Mhlongo flying around Khanyisa Mbuthu and Mbongeni Mavuso who make up the fashionable, different, proud to be Zulu, IziQhaza.

I got to be in there presence and ask them a few questions and they were humble enough to accept my request. While I was with them they never were proud or boastful about being number 3 on the X Factor. They looked more like they were hungry for  more because what they have worked  hard for since they met in 2008 and only started singing together in 2010 is a dream they can live.

The duet is made of 2 proud nurses Khanyisa Mbuthu who is a proud mom of a 7 year old son who says is an afrocentric woman who is connected with her Zulu African roots and Mbongeni Mavusi who is a 26 years old  young man and says is a loving and fun person who also is very much connected to umvelinqangi (GOD) and loves making jocks and boy was I taken for a LOL joy ride.

NURSES WHO SING...                 IZIQHAZA

Q/A How would you sum up the X Factor  experience ?

Khanyi_ it was very stressful and we worked to meet up deadlines. I will all ways be grateful for the experience  and it             humbles me that South Africa Voted for us until the last show. Thank you Mzansi.

Mbonge_ it was work after work and a humbling experience. Some times felt liking giving up but the love of what we do and with Mzansi’s support, we kept giving our best week after week. Thank you to every one who voted for us.

Q/A What is it that you think carried  you this far to the competition?

Khanyi_ God and believing in our talent and obvious Oskido who believed in what we have got to offer Mzansi.

Mbonge_ God and the people of Mzansi for voting and believing in us. The twitter massages and on facebook  siyabonga ngempela

Q/A You have entered competitions before and have been separated, do you think you boost each other?

Mbonge_ Obvious other wise we wouldn’t be a duet.. lol we influence each other and being friends makes it even easier.

Khanyi_ We make each other and we compliment each other I do not think I will be good with out Mbongeni.

Q/A what does it mean to be top 3 on an internationally recognized show?

Khanyi_ exposure and it means our work is seen my millions and more opportunities.

Mbonge_ yes exposure and more pressure because we have shown what we can offer on not just an local scale but the worlds.

Q/A You are different, do you think being different plays a big role?

Khanyi_ Yes, even the way we dress, we are staying true to who we are and love color, African prints and building the IziQhaza brand where we say be isiqhaza that you are and love who you are.

Mbonge_ Yes we love Africa, our culture and want to say what was mistaken as lower, un-educated class. we giving it its true meaning where it was worn with pride and joy and separated the zulu clan from others.

Q/A If you guys were to meet Mandela what is the one thing that you would do or ask him?

Khanyi_ Sing for him, we wrote a song called eduze noMandela which we say we just want to be in his present and feel his aura.

Mbongeni_ yes, you know that place above clouds when you in a plane, that is above clouds, we would love to just be in his quiet state of mind.

Q/A what is it that has made you hold on and keep making the music you bless us with?

Mbongeni_ it is our dream we wish to perform for millions and  for our music  to be recognized internationally.

Khanyi_we are building a brand and we coming with a different style that is QAZIFIED!!! LOL!

Q/A In your community what is the one thing you would love to change?

Mbongeni_ its hard to get in the music industry and we would love to see more recognition for different art and not focus on just one stream of music..

Khanyi_ they should be a way to equally distribute local talent. More support is needed from the department of Arts To recognize different talents we have in our country.

If you wondering where to get there music you can go to ITunes and download or you can follow the on twitter @IziQhazamusic1.



The Kwazulu Natal fashion council along with its funders SEDA, Msunduzi municipaliyty, Ethekwini municipality and Kwazulu Natal Economic development and tourism brings you there annual fashion show which will be held at city hall tonight from 6.

fashion council

This has been an amazing walk of hard work seen as they will be 8 designers who showcased at this years fashion week which was all the way in Jozi. This designers will be showcasing along with 8 emerging designers who were part of a six months long capacity building program that started in April this year. That saw them working with established designers to introduce them to the world of retail as it is every designers dream.

fashion week 204                      fashion

This year the focus was not only in Durban but designers were selected from Pietermaritzburg. Need I say that it has taken them quit some time to come this side but we finally can enjoy world class fashion. This program has seen young designers being selected to embark on an opportunity to retail with EDGARS. This sets a good tone that we as Kwazulu natal are talented.

The KZN Fashion council drives innovation fashion and design in the province. That creates a destination that is internationally competitive and sustainabley thereby creating a better life for all, specially the youth. They effectively organise and coordinate development and support the fashion world. Designing a sector that contribubutes the competiveness of clothing and textile industry as a whole. This event will be graced by our MEC Mrs Ntombikayise Sibhidla-Saphetha who has dedicated her self in enriching the development of arts and culture in our province.

If you want to feast your eyes with summer fashion trends, make tonight a date.


The Tatham art gallery invites you maritzburgers to celebrate with them  20 years of democracy. Just this past Friday we were remembering the legacy of Nelson Mandela. As we come to the 20 years of a free world in our country while it was predicted that we might  head for a civil war. I take this opportunity to thank the father of this beautiful nation. We are again united to share the experiences of what started as a dream and  a hope.

The Tatham art gallery owes its existence to Mrs Ada Susan Tatham, who collected donations early in 1903 and later purchased works in Britain late that same year. It was only in 1968 that the decision to re-establish a section devoted to South African paintings was made. The move was inevitable, from just colonial collecting towards a collection of South African Art in all of its forms, including traditional and contemporary BLACK art. This was to reflect cross-cultural influences and serve the community at large.

No BLACK man can neglect the relevance of democracy at this day and age. One is free to make his own decisions and influence his life. Whether choosing a career or the one they love, is some thing one was born into in 1994. This way the gallery wants to reflect and show case some of South Africa”s best works of Art to truly mark the 20 years of freedom. This is why the gallery  recognizes that with time culture changes.

The selection provides some idea of how the growth of the Gallery’s permanent collection has been affected by significant changes that have taken place in South Africa. Political, social, and economic shifts have impacted on the Gallery’s acquisitions policy, as have expansions in art making and theory. What has been acquired for the permanent collection is the result of these shifts, taking cognizance of the collection’s growth from its founding in 1903. The most challenging aspects of collecting during this period have been selecting for inclusivity, the collapse of barriers between so-called ‘high art’ and craft, and focusing the Gallery’s role as a regional repository of visual art heritage.

Included are pictures of artworks in this exhibition with captions.

side table          table mountain               water tank

A sideboard by Richard Linefold // View from behind Table mountain by Gladys Mgudlandlu // water container by Thami Jali

for more information contact

Tel: +27 (033) 392 2801

Fax: +27 (033) 394 9831

or visit there website



In 1997 the late President Nelson Mandela graced the city of choice. He had come to receive an prestigious award called “FREEDOM OF PIETERMARITZBURG”. Upon receiving this award, he gave a speech saying ” I feel deeply honored to be awarded the freedom of the city of Pietermaritzburg. for me personally, the city has a strong association with the struggle of freedom, that makes this a moving occasion.

1 December as we all know is world AIDS day. This year we were reminded that we should not discriminate against people living with this virus. This way the Kwazulu Natal government with its Sukuma Sakhe project that extends government services by implantation of different sector departments and spheres to deliver required services  through partnership with  the community, stakeholders and government. They brought a lot of services to the community of Impendle. Social services was there, home affairs, health services and and supporting organizations like Community Media Trust (siyayinqoba) and TBHIV care. This was to help spreed the word that people should know that services are there free of charge as well as that people should know there HIV status. to work hand in hand in reducing new infection. As we  are still in the 16 Days of activism  against woman and child abuse, we were reminded that we need to report crimes, and even when we see nothing done follow up.

The KZN MEC of finance Ms. Belinda Scott gave a moving speech and highlighted some problems that were identified at the warroom that morning. along with the Councillor of that area, they gave community organization sawing machines, and 2 soccer kits. This proves that the government is here for us.

woman work   services

Again today we were invited by The Edendale hospital in the community of Sweetwaters to continue with the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Services such as HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, cervical cancer examinations and dental services were   there. Every one was in the spirit of community services. and you could see the passion in peoples eyes. The community came in numbers and were entertained by local kids with there singing and dancing. One was reminded that the legacy of Tata Nelson is still amongst us. With this I end with a quot from his speech again that he gave here at home where he told every one present that ” i accept the freedom you bestow on me with humility. Knowing that through me you are honoring the whole of South Africa” Let us continue in this mans dream and know that with freedom comes a grate responsibility.

performance   siyayinqoba team