In 1997 the late President Nelson Mandela graced the city of choice. He had come to receive an prestigious award called “FREEDOM OF PIETERMARITZBURG”. Upon receiving this award, he gave a speech saying ” I feel deeply honored to be awarded the freedom of the city of Pietermaritzburg. for me personally, the city has a strong association with the struggle of freedom, that makes this a moving occasion.

1 December as we all know is world AIDS day. This year we were reminded that we should not discriminate against people living with this virus. This way the Kwazulu Natal government with its Sukuma Sakhe project that extends government services by implantation of different sector departments and spheres to deliver required services  through partnership with  the community, stakeholders and government. They brought a lot of services to the community of Impendle. Social services was there, home affairs, health services and and supporting organizations like Community Media Trust (siyayinqoba) and TBHIV care. This was to help spreed the word that people should know that services are there free of charge as well as that people should know there HIV status. to work hand in hand in reducing new infection. As we  are still in the 16 Days of activism  against woman and child abuse, we were reminded that we need to report crimes, and even when we see nothing done follow up.

The KZN MEC of finance Ms. Belinda Scott gave a moving speech and highlighted some problems that were identified at the warroom that morning. along with the Councillor of that area, they gave community organization sawing machines, and 2 soccer kits. This proves that the government is here for us.

woman work   services

Again today we were invited by The Edendale hospital in the community of Sweetwaters to continue with the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Services such as HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, cervical cancer examinations and dental services were   there. Every one was in the spirit of community services. and you could see the passion in peoples eyes. The community came in numbers and were entertained by local kids with there singing and dancing. One was reminded that the legacy of Tata Nelson is still amongst us. With this I end with a quot from his speech again that he gave here at home where he told every one present that ” i accept the freedom you bestow on me with humility. Knowing that through me you are honoring the whole of South Africa” Let us continue in this mans dream and know that with freedom comes a grate responsibility.

performance   siyayinqoba team


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