The Tatham art gallery invites you maritzburgers to celebrate with them  20 years of democracy. Just this past Friday we were remembering the legacy of Nelson Mandela. As we come to the 20 years of a free world in our country while it was predicted that we might  head for a civil war. I take this opportunity to thank the father of this beautiful nation. We are again united to share the experiences of what started as a dream and  a hope.

The Tatham art gallery owes its existence to Mrs Ada Susan Tatham, who collected donations early in 1903 and later purchased works in Britain late that same year. It was only in 1968 that the decision to re-establish a section devoted to South African paintings was made. The move was inevitable, from just colonial collecting towards a collection of South African Art in all of its forms, including traditional and contemporary BLACK art. This was to reflect cross-cultural influences and serve the community at large.

No BLACK man can neglect the relevance of democracy at this day and age. One is free to make his own decisions and influence his life. Whether choosing a career or the one they love, is some thing one was born into in 1994. This way the gallery wants to reflect and show case some of South Africa”s best works of Art to truly mark the 20 years of freedom. This is why the gallery  recognizes that with time culture changes.

The selection provides some idea of how the growth of the Gallery’s permanent collection has been affected by significant changes that have taken place in South Africa. Political, social, and economic shifts have impacted on the Gallery’s acquisitions policy, as have expansions in art making and theory. What has been acquired for the permanent collection is the result of these shifts, taking cognizance of the collection’s growth from its founding in 1903. The most challenging aspects of collecting during this period have been selecting for inclusivity, the collapse of barriers between so-called ‘high art’ and craft, and focusing the Gallery’s role as a regional repository of visual art heritage.

Included are pictures of artworks in this exhibition with captions.

side table          table mountain               water tank

A sideboard by Richard Linefold // View from behind Table mountain by Gladys Mgudlandlu // water container by Thami Jali

for more information contact

Tel: +27 (033) 392 2801

Fax: +27 (033) 394 9831

or visit there website


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