They is no doubt that i am obsessed with social media and of course thats why i am a blogger! lol! Well today it is the official Social Media day for Africa. With amazing news coming from Face book that they have launched their first offices in Africa and is headed by a women called Nunu Ntshingila, they is no doubt whats so ever in my mind that Social Media plays an important role in our lives.

I have been blogging for a year but must say that i have been following one of the most inspiring bloggers i have ever meet Sandy Nene and once featured in his blog years ago. The level of growth that he has had has truly inspired me to follow this quest of delving into my own being and write about my home town and its people. Since i activated this blog, i have meet with different people and really have made it plan that i develop and learn. most importantly they is no way that i can run away from the fact that social media has played a big role in communicating with people, meeting new people and eventually working with them. One should know that their cyber world is the same as their real world one should be really careful in what they say and post on social media. so here are some of the things you should keep mindful of before you press that publish button!

Early this year me and some of my friends changed work, they went on to continue with the work we have been doing but at a different place and well me joined my community radio station. In this they discovered some thing i have known for a while that companies check your profile on social media. They came to realize this through a guy who was not hired because of his alcohol post on face book. now to be honest who would higher some one who has more than 20 post about how drnk he is, how amazing the week end was and the pictures of bottles and bottles of alcohol.

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1_ Your face book page is your face! like branding it identifies you different from the other person. what ever you post is associated with you, it is believed it is you. which is why most people lie about where they work and what they do. Not saying you should do the same.

2_ As the bible says Words are powerful! all the time you should be really careful with your words< are they going to offend some one or not or are you using the correct words to describe who you are.

3_ Know your friends are they helping you to achieve what you want or who you want to be. are the people you following making an impact in your life positively or negatively? much as the company you keep is the same as having a bunch of friend in your social space

4_ balance your life! know where you are and where you headed. The places you go and the events you attend say much about you. so check where you checking in and traveling to!

5_ lastly be specific about how you feel about things, whether its politics, society or relationships. Know this Knowing to little about some thing may push you close or away your preconceived notions. keep in mind that a notion without knowledge is simply ignorance.

Make you face book or titter account work for you. In getting new friends who are positive and in achieving a goal. If you into sports show it, if you into media show it and if you looking for work in a field you qualify in say it. to happy posting. Enjoy social media day!!


Black my light



I was all ways inspired by history movies so when grade 9 came, I was sure of what I was gonna do in grade 10. Well word had it going around that that’s for dumb people and well you won’t have a career. Fortunately I was one of those brilliant kids who was polite and very respectful. So that sort of gained me access  to teachers minds and when ever they was a career guidance expo some where I was there. My research lead me to a hell of careers out there for a just “general studies” student. I mean one can count, social work, media, politics, philosophy, sociology, etc.
Unfortunately through the mist of it all I was an orphan and had to take care of my cousin who was then in grade 6. Me being me, my dreams and possibilities all ways were facing me. Passing school was never an issue as I did just that in due time.


The realization of life came after high school. You won’t believe it because I faced homelessness and life couldn’t get worse. It was turned upsidedown and I lost my self. I lost my self to pitting my self, submitting my self to low starndars and forgetting what I really wanted and who I had created my self to be through the guidance of the OBE and FET education. While in that situation the library became my friend. Excaping the war of my stumach constantly reminding me that I am hungry. I would loose my self in dreams which in reality were fiction but in my reality truth. So the philosophy of the secret fed by Opra h was my living testimony and all I could do was send it to the world.  As I thought God  was bbecoming an in existance lie, He came as a women in a time where I thought all was lost and bleek.the next five years of my life became a vacation and I was lost in the freedom of being taken cared of. Life became a pay back for all the time I felt lonely and lost as a teen, praying asking God why didn’t he give mom a second chance.
I woke up and I was 24 years old, had no career, my soul yearning and screaming for more, life! Vintage cru reminded me of how I all ways aspired to be different and in just months they were performing for Somizi and in big stages. Social media became an escape world to a life (then again) of posibilities and now seeing young man doing it. Really doing it. This set the tone for my next chapter and some how Jo’burg was buzzing with young, gifted, black and motivated young people. I mad a decision and told my self that now its time to redirect my life and search for a new start. Starting with what skill I have and how I can improve. I set new goals and I planned what exactly I wanted and who I could contact. Then boom that same year I made my way to Durban and I never looked back.

So here I am in Pietermaritzburg, my lovely home town. I hoped from orpoturnity to orpotunity. I had one goal that I set and went for, but took a year for me to get it but it finally came. I was at my local radio station and I was there even when I was not needed. My passion for media grew even more.  I was a volunteer for all most six months and had started blogging and my life was changing every day. I tell you today that I am a proud receipian of a learnership in radio production, where I will be getting a level 5 certificate, which is 2 modules away to a diploma. The joy that came with this has been the same as the challenges I am facing though I must say my government is taking me t school, for free since first day of school 15 years ago. I am also co hosting the drive home show and running well to my believe the only visible blog in Pietermaritzburg. I think to my self if I had woken up at age 24 and told my self its never possible I would be dead by now. Now here is my thought, seen as its June 16, I could have not had this opportunity if it wasn’t for the straggle of the black consciousness youth of 1976. Not only I, but many who are in universities, collages and still in school. One should really take this day and ask them selves is my life a dream?
With this I thank you for reading to the end and I hope you share it with your friends, family and with a strangers even. I hope by me sharing my story this June 16, will remind you that any thing is possible and we are really a free generation. Are we lost? Dam no! We have a vision of the globe. It has even grown in us that we can conquer the world! So here is to running with diplomas, degrees and certificates.