They is no running away for me when it comes to stalking on social media. One person that I am all ways looking forward to see is the Pietermaritzburg born fashionista  and blogger Fierco Prince Nhlengethwa. He now lives in Durban and is a fashion merchandiser for Mango. This drama and performing arts graduate has activated greatness because he has been head hunted by Truworths man to do a series of looks, where he is gonna be dressed head to toe in Truworths clothing every Tuesday presenting to us #TRUTUESDAYS.

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He is a good friend of mine and I started chatting to him a few years ago and we bumped into each other at a club in Durban. When I gained contact with him recently, I reminded him and guess what? He still remembered what he had on that night! This goes to show that he is a die hard lover of  every thing clothes.  So with out wasting your time here are Q&A from an interview I did with him a few months ago.

Q_ What were you doing before landing this opportunity (fashion Merchandiser)?

“i was working as a trainer in a call center”

Q_ How long have you been with mango and how has it help you grow in the world of fashion

“Well i have been there for a year and couple of months. it has made me stronger and has been my way in to this world of fashion and retail. Now its my way forward”.

Q_ From here where too in fashion?

“Hmmm I would love to do trend forecast and also buying in the future. I have learnt to love simplicity.”

Q_ I understand when Top shop opened you were first in line, how was that for you?

“Well I got R1.5k voucher for that lol!”

Q_ As you all ways posting mad #ootd on your social media when do you decide on what to wear?

“Hmm it is so irregular. I have days where by before I sleep i have an outfit ready. Then days where I wake up and plan. Mostly i get up midnight because an idea is nudging me. A vision or something annoys me to getting up and planning”.

Q_ I know with fashion lovers if they didn’t buy some thing they saw, they dream about it for days. Would you say it is the same for you?

“Yeah it does happen. However rarely. I am decisive about what I want. I will know if its a Nay or Yay. I will just know to buy or not> Haunting averted. lol!”

Q_ So what inspires your personal style?

“I think I am propelled by power of transformation. I love looking different. I love doing whats next before rest. I love the future when it comes to what I wear and my surroundings inspire me”

Q_ What is your take on South African fashion? are we as the world or do we set our own trends?

“Well I love trends though it takes a while for our world to catch on. In all honesty  there are regional trends. However we are mostly global now. With social media, we are not playing catch up as much”

Q_ Your fave style icon if you have any?

“Hmmm I have many. However Anna Della Russo the editor-in-chief of Vogue Japan intrigues me. She is so jovial. It is sooo attractive and she loves trends. I also love Patricia Field, she is costume designer for Sex and the City. Her work is all ways beyond the time. I have looks from those movies i still wish someone can rock.

Q_ Man or Woman fashion?

“BOTH! Fashion is fashion to me!”

Q_ Any future plans of becoming a stylist or starting a business in styling, hopefully in Kwazulu Natal?

“KZN is very tricky. People haven’t grasped the concept of a stylist. They assume designers are stylist. If you are a stylist they expect your designs. Once they fully understand then i can make money off it. For now I do it part time.”

Q_ What is fashion for you?

“its one of my truest loves”

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Hope you fashion lovers are going to be glued on you social media pagers. Follow prince on IG:@princeedgi