They is no doubt that i am obsessed with social media and of course thats why i am a blogger! lol! Well today it is the official Social Media day for Africa. With amazing news coming from Face book that they have launched their first offices in Africa and is headed by a women called Nunu Ntshingila, they is no doubt whats so ever in my mind that Social Media plays an important role in our lives.

I have been blogging for a year but must say that i have been following one of the most inspiring bloggers i have ever meet Sandy Nene and once featured in his blog years ago. The level of growth that he has had has truly inspired me to follow this quest of delving into my own being and write about my home town and its people. Since i activated this blog, i have meet with different people and really have made it plan that i develop and learn. most importantly they is no way that i can run away from the fact that social media has played a big role in communicating with people, meeting new people and eventually working with them. One should know that their cyber world is the same as their real world one should be really careful in what they say and post on social media. so here are some of the things you should keep mindful of before you press that publish button!

Early this year me and some of my friends changed work, they went on to continue with the work we have been doing but at a different place and well me joined my community radio station. In this they discovered some thing i have known for a while that companies check your profile on social media. They came to realize this through a guy who was not hired because of his alcohol post on face book. now to be honest who would higher some one who has more than 20 post about how drnk he is, how amazing the week end was and the pictures of bottles and bottles of alcohol.

social           link-twitter-to-facebook

1_ Your face book page is your face! like branding it identifies you different from the other person. what ever you post is associated with you, it is believed it is you. which is why most people lie about where they work and what they do. Not saying you should do the same.

2_ As the bible says Words are powerful! all the time you should be really careful with your words< are they going to offend some one or not or are you using the correct words to describe who you are.

3_ Know your friends are they helping you to achieve what you want or who you want to be. are the people you following making an impact in your life positively or negatively? much as the company you keep is the same as having a bunch of friend in your social space

4_ balance your life! know where you are and where you headed. The places you go and the events you attend say much about you. so check where you checking in and traveling to!

5_ lastly be specific about how you feel about things, whether its politics, society or relationships. Know this Knowing to little about some thing may push you close or away your preconceived notions. keep in mind that a notion without knowledge is simply ignorance.

Make you face book or titter account work for you. In getting new friends who are positive and in achieving a goal. If you into sports show it, if you into media show it and if you looking for work in a field you qualify in say it. to happy posting. Enjoy social media day!!



The Themba Njilo foundation who is a baby of Induduzo Funeral Home invites all woman who aspire or in business to be part of an eventful day, that will see emancipation and manumission of woman entrepreneurs in Pietermaritzburg.

This is an extension of what the Themba Njilo foundation has been doing in the last Six years. Aiming at looking into social ills of the community of Kwazulu-Natal. They have been working hard at emancipating marginalized women from the poor of the poorest communities, with out fail. Which during this time have celebrated woman in the month of August in stadiums, in the district of Msunduzi Municipality.


This will be a launch of a roll out program that the foundation will facilitate. Which will aid in bringing together women in different sectors such as private, public, political, business and the likes. During this dialogues burning issues around women liberation will be tackled, developing new strategies on economic and social freedom.

The event as mentioned above is open to all women who are entrepreneurs from all walks of life. They will be engaged and speakers will be addressing the barriers in business faced by women such as reason to start up, skills and experiences, education, entrepreneurial characteristics and so on.  I mostly excited to name the performers who will be providing entertainment. I mean Naima k, Lira, Hlengiwe Mhlaba, Thobekile, Heels over Heed ( all female jazz band), The lipsticks ( all female pop band) and many local female artist. They will all so be edutainment,  which will be a quiz and answers and lukey ladies will win different prizes.

After all the speeches and deliberations, they will be a partition encouraged between Nigerian government, South African government and the UN, on the emancipation of equality of man and woman. all this festivities will be Tomorrow at the city hall and will start at 9h00 in the morning of 14 March. This will be a continuation of celebrating International Women’s Day which was last week Sunday the 8th of March.

For more information you can contact Thula Mhlophe Number is 082 954 9241 or email thula.mhlophe@gmail.com.

see you there lovely ladies!!!!!!

Doodles: Follow the Path!

I never thought doodling can be such artistry. love love what i am seeing and the thought of channeling this….

Hey guys!

This week I’ve been working hard on a peice for a group show coming up at Argyle Fine Art here in Halifax called Just My Type (opening Feb 14th go check it out!). The theme for the show is typography, which ties in with a lot of work I do in the studio as well as for Double Dare!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI’ve been fixated on circles lately. I read somewhere about circles being everything. Circles are life, cycles, planets, suns, death, birth, rebirth etc. etc. So I can’t stop thinking about circles, hence all of the circles you are about to see.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetFor this show, I played around with ALOT of ideas. I went in many different directions, the only thing that stayed throughout the sketching process are the circles.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetIt was interesting following a trail of ideas. I had a few frustrating studio sessions in which I completely…

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The Kwazulu Natal fashion council along with its funders SEDA, Msunduzi municipaliyty, Ethekwini municipality and Kwazulu Natal Economic development and tourism brings you there annual fashion show which will be held at city hall tonight from 6.

fashion council

This has been an amazing walk of hard work seen as they will be 8 designers who showcased at this years fashion week which was all the way in Jozi. This designers will be showcasing along with 8 emerging designers who were part of a six months long capacity building program that started in April this year. That saw them working with established designers to introduce them to the world of retail as it is every designers dream.

fashion week 204                      fashion

This year the focus was not only in Durban but designers were selected from Pietermaritzburg. Need I say that it has taken them quit some time to come this side but we finally can enjoy world class fashion. This program has seen young designers being selected to embark on an opportunity to retail with EDGARS. This sets a good tone that we as Kwazulu natal are talented.

The KZN Fashion council drives innovation fashion and design in the province. That creates a destination that is internationally competitive and sustainabley thereby creating a better life for all, specially the youth. They effectively organise and coordinate development and support the fashion world. Designing a sector that contribubutes the competiveness of clothing and textile industry as a whole. This event will be graced by our MEC Mrs Ntombikayise Sibhidla-Saphetha who has dedicated her self in enriching the development of arts and culture in our province.

If you want to feast your eyes with summer fashion trends, make tonight a date.


This year we have seen the celebration of 20 years of freedom going around. It haunts us again this year as the nomination for the South African Hip Hop awards have been announce.

The revolution of hip hop in South Africa  in the last 10 years is visible to ones eye as “dogs” no can sell gold. When i was in high school i was seen as the weird kid  around my hood and people wondered why i had a twang, need i say my friends were the first ones to judge. Still i enjoyed my hip hop. I mean HHP, Skwata kamp, H2O were ranking the chats and had something fresh and i enjoyed that. It brings me joy to write this because hip hop is a culture that is seen lived every day of our lives.You can not say you want to join in to the noise that is your K.O, BOYZEN BUKS, khuli chana, A.K.A  and all the gangs pushing the envelope.

Radio stations and T.V during my time was playing a lot of over seas music and it gives me joy to know that now 80% of music needs to be South African, which means that we are feed our own. To what was pushed during the late 80’s is becoming a reality to a lot of amaqabane and one needs to humbled and be pleased that the noise is re -lived yet again. The growth of back to the city resembles the growth of hip hop in South Africa. Groups like vintage cru pushing the stereo types and advocating the diversity in our country with dance and showing that one needs to be free in a culture that seemed to degrade homosexuality makes go to sleep with a smile on my face.

this is just my description to what i see in industry. Then again they are some major issues we are facing in this country and we as the youth have to find ways to keep the noise going. We are young and all we have is each other. Let us keep the BLACK NOISE going. with out boring you here are this years nominations for South African Hip Hop awards. Remember we celebrating 20 years of freedom so be free to vote for who you think deserves the pyramid award.


Contenders are judged on performances and achievements made

between 15th September 2013 and 15th September 2014.

The nominations are as follows:

Album of the Year

  • Kwesta – Dakar
  • Duncan- Street Government
  • AKA- Levels
  • Da L.E.S – Mandela Money
  • Cassper Nyovest- Tsholofelo

Producer of the Year

  • AKA
  • Kay Masta
  • Tweezy
  • Ganja Beats
  • Psyfo

Hustler of the Year

  • Ifani
  • Cassper Nyovest
  • Monde Dube
  • DJ Naves

Best International Brand

  • Sprite
  • Miller
  • Castle Lite
  • Red Bull
  • Hunter’s Extreme

Best Local Brand

  • Butan
  • Head Honcho
  • Bambata

Song of the Year

  • Cassper Nyovest – Doc Shebeleza
  • Da L.E.S – Fire
  • AKA – Congratulate
  • Riky Rick ft. DJ Dimplez, Kid X, Kwesta, Maggz, Ginger

Breadman, Nadia Nakai and Okmalumkoolkat –

Amantombazane Remix

  • Duncan – Tsiki Tsiki
  • AKA ft. K.O – Run Jozi
  • DJ Dimplez ft. Dreamteam and Anatii – Yaya

Best Dance Crew

  • Supreme I Crew
  • Freeze Frame
  • Ace Crew
  • Vintage
  • Creed Crew

Honorary Award

  • Emile YX

Best Collaboration

  • Riky Rick ft. DJ Dimplez, Kid X, Kwesta, Maggz, Ginger

Breadman, Nadia Nakai and Okmalumkoolkat –

Amantombazane Remix

  • Khuli Chana ft. Da L.E.S & Magesh – Hape Le Hape Pt 2.1
  • L-Tido ft. Ice Prince – Fresh and Clean
  • DJ Capital ft. Kid X and Psyfo – Imma Tell Her
  • AKA ft. K.O – Run Jozi
  • Major League DJz ft. Riky Rick, Cassper Nyovest and Siya

Shezi – The Bizness

  • Psyfo ft. Ifani – Umtu Wam’
  • DJ Dimplez ft. Dreamteam and Anatii – Yaya

DJ of the Year

  • DJ Speedsta
  • DJ Naves
  • DJ Dimplez
  • DJ Switch
  • Major League DJz
  • DJ Capital

Best Newcomer (Freshman)

  • Yugen Blakrok
  • Duncan
  • Blayze
  • Maraza
  • Solo

Mixtape of the Year

  • DJ Switch – The Switch Up
  • Lwansta – Normal
  • Fratpack – Famlove
  • Gigi Lamayne – Colour of Reign
  • E-Jay – The Best of E-Jay

Most Valuable Artist

  • AKA
  • Cassper Nyovest
  • DJ Dimplez
  • Reason
  • Khuli Chana

Video of the Year

  • AKA – Congratulate
  • Cassper Nyovest – Doc Shebeleza
  • L-Tido ft. Ice Prince – Fresh and Clean
  • Kwesta – Keep Walking
  • Riky Rick – Nafukwa
  • Khuli Chana ft Hash One, Kt and Towdee Mac – Wannabeez

Best Graffiti Artist

  • Mars
  • Sure
  • Riot
  • Link1
  • Bias

Best Male

  • AKA
  • Da L.E.S
  • Cassper Nyovest
  • Kwesta
  • Duncan

Best Female

  • Yugen Blakrok
  • Gigi Lamayne
  • Missy RBK
  • MegMafia
  • Chazz Le Hippie

Lyricist of the Year

  • Duncan
  • Mo’Molemi
  • Yugen Blakrok
  • Kwesta
  • Solo
  • AKA

Promoter of the Year

  • Head Honcho
  • Maftown Heights
  • Authentic Sundays
  • HomeComing Picnic
  • Good Sundae
  • Pop Bottles
  • WeHeartBeat
  • Scrambles 4 Money
  • 4Play Fest

Best Hip Hop Radio Show

  • The Mixtape – Alex FM
  • The Stir Up – 5FM
  • Rap Activity Jam – Metro FM
  • iNamba Namba – Ukhozi FM
  • The Ready D Show – Good Hope FM
  • Hip Hop Music Sessions – Gagasi FM
  • 16 Bars Reloaded – UJFM

Milestone Award

  • Khuli Chana

Best Digital Sales

  • Da L.E.S – Dice
  • AKA ft. K.O – Run Jozi
  • Duncan – Tsiki Tsiki
  • Riky Rick ft. DJ Dimplez, Kid X, Kwesta, Maggz, Ginger

Breadman, Nadia Nakai and Okmalumkoolkat –

Amantombazane Remix

  • DJ Dimplez ft. Dreamteam and Anatii – Yaya
  • Zakwe – Usenzani
  • AKA – Levels
  • Duncan – Street Government
  • Cassper Nyovest – Tsholofelo
  • Da L.E.S – Mandela Money
  • Kwesta – Dakar

King of Gauteng

  • DJ Dimplez
  • Authentic Sundays
  • Refiloe Ramogase
  • KGB

King of Mpumalanga

  • Mfundo Nyambi
  • Ecks Exodus Nkosingiphile
  • Thabs The Acid

King of Western Cape

  • Rattex
  • Rozzano Davids
  • Uno July

King of Northern Cape

  • Vuyo “DJ Speedy” Tongela
  • Kgomotso Modiragale
  • Lebogang “The Verdict” Magagane

King of KwaZulu-Natal

  • Lindo “Prow-jekt” Thwala
  • Brian Khoza
  • Bon Hussla

King of Eastern Cape

  • Yahkeem Ben Israel
  • Buck Matyila
  • Tsviel The Prince

King of Free State

  • Uncle Spank
  • Professor Dalton
  • Thabo Tsasane

King of Limpopo

  • DJ Chocos
  • Nema Wama- Hunguni
  • Culprit

King of North West

  • DJ Lemonka
  • Godfrey “Soxmatics” Seribe
  • Ofentse Tapile


Starts: 14th November

Ends: 7th December

Voting is based 100% on judge’s scores for the following categories: Album of the Year, Best Dance Crew, Best DJ, Best Freshman, Best Graffiti Artist, Best International Brand, Best Local Brand, Hustler of the Year, Lyricist of the Year, Mixtape of the Year, Most Valuable, Producer of the year, Promoter of the Year and all the King of “…”

Voting is based on the judges’ scores and public votes (60% judges and 40% public) for the Top 5 categories:Best Collaboration, Best Female, Best Male,Video of the Year and Song of the Year.

Voting is based on 100% on public votes for the following category: Best Hip Hop Radio Show.

Public Voting Methods

Public votes are only open to the Top 6 categories: Best Collaboration, Best Female, Best Male, Video of the Year, Best Hip Hop Radio Show and Song of the Year.

There are two methods for the public to register their votes:

  1. Text – public can text their votes as many times as possible,

please view table for codes:

BEST MALE BM 33110 SMS “sahhas+bm+NOMINEE” to 33110
BEST FEMALE BF 33110 SMS “sahhas+bf+NOMINEE” to 33110
BEST VIDEO BV 33110 SMS “sahhas+bv+NOMINEE” to 33110
SONG OF THE YEAR SY 33110 SMS “sahhas+sy+NOMINEE” to 33110
BEST COLLABO BC 33110 SMS “sahhas+bc+NOMINEE” to 33110
BEST RADIO SHOW BR 33110 SMS “sahhas+br+NOMINEE” to 33110

SMS costs R1.50 (free SMS’s do not apply)

  1. Online – public can register at http://www.sahiphopawards.com. One vote

per IP address.

Online and text voting will be open from 24h00, 14th November 2014 and close 13h00, 7th December 2014.

Judges’ Scores

Preliminary judges come from a pool of local music industry

professionals, including musicians, songwriters, producers, recording

engineers, music publishers, booking agents, program and music

directors, talent coordinators and music marketing professionals. Final

judging is done by music industry professionals who are not related or

connected to the nominees or their record labels. Judging criteria for

each criteria is available via



Damage: R200pp | R180 (Block Booking 10+)

Ticket outlet: Computicket | http://www.computicket.com (South African Hip

Hop Awards)


22nd November and 29th November| 111 Ritual Media Group, Cnr Bree

& Henry Nxumalo, Newtown| Free entry| 13h00-16h00


All media enquiries are to be sent toinfo@sahiphopawards.co.za cc


Hip Hop

My top 6 of people you must follow on twitter in Pietermaritzburg

I have been following a lot of amazing people on twitter in Pietermaritzburg and i believe they are worth a blog mantioning. they inspire me, motivate me and i am highly entertained when i see them on my time line (TL).

6_ @zodwambokazi She is the project manager for midmar dam festival that is held every 31st of December in PMB. I am inspired by this lady because she has landed a job that every man wishes for in PMB and must say she is doing a good job. We definitely cant wait to be at midmar this yer.

5_ @djShowSA Who says is not a fan of twitter. well this man runs a company called showbiz communications that has events going in and around Pietermaritzburg. One of which is the annual Albert Falls picnic that saw Dj Oskido playing this past week end.

4_ @EazyDJ Who when i first followed wrote on his bio that he used his light skin to his advantage. His young and must say is a yellow bone and is quite a looker. He is also resident hip hop DJ at one of the coolest places in Pietermaritzburg invogue corna. Dope ne?

3_ @IamT_Roxter He calls him self lately T Rock Stare we zinto. This man needs no introduction to this blog because he is the only Dj i know that celebrated his birthday for a month. he also does a show in the local radio station Umgungundlovu Fm  every fridays with Zama Bee called Freaky Friday.

2_ @sandile_kubheka he is a doctor at Grace hospital and is the first youngest South African doctor and KZN  should be proud. he has a lot of achieves under his belt. I mean 2014 young South African of the year award, M&G 200 YSA, 2014 KZN young achiever of the year and future leader award winner SA.

1_ @justice_comedy he is a comedian obvious and he runs a comedy club every last Thursday of a month. it is at Sprytz lounge and he is a God fearing man. reason why he is at number 1 well his following speaks louder than this post.

with all this being written follow me on twitter @bulelany or my baby @pmbsfinest and lets keep the conversations going. other then that catch me on the vavavum drive home show with zama bee every mondays with umgossi gallo. have a lovely week *MARITZBURGERS*

twitter follow me